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Herman Lentjes

Product, Market, and Logistics Specialist

Herman Lentjes was born in the Netherlands in 1960.

After having worked in the insurance business for several years, he worked for a trading company, and later an international transportation and logistics company.

Herman moved to Curaçao in 1988 to become the director of a construction company.

In 1995 he started his own company in the construction business.

Throughout the years Herman gained considerable international experience in both construction, transportation and logistics. Currently he is EMPI’s product, market and logistics specialist for Western Europe and the Caribbean.

Sergio Sankatsing

Real Estate Advisor & Inspector

Sergio Sankatsing, born in Surinam and raised on the island of Curacao, is the youngest member of the EMPI  team of professionals.

Sergio moved to the Netherlands in 2004 to study engineering.

In 2008 he obtained his degree in Architectural and Construction Engineering at The Hague University in the Netherlands. Following this achievement he went on to do one year of architecture at the Delft University of Technology, it was here that he acquired his passion for real estate.

In 2011 he completed his postgraduate certificate in Real Estate Advisor & Inspector. Sergio performed inspections for hospitals and laboratories and worked for the Municipality of The Hague on projects for the new Boulevard and Masterplan of Scheveningen.