We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards within the international service market

Highest quality standards

Careful planning and execution for our clients around the world

We specialize in providing bespoke solutions with a wide and diverse range of discipline and project engineering solutions.


The EMPI Group, with branches in the U.A.E., Cyprus and Barbados, has been successfully providing various engineering, technical and Project Management services required to evaluate, construct, and maintain Oil and Gas, Infrastructure and general EPC management. Our success has been driven particularly by a strong focus on operations support and for delivering high quality, cost effective solutions.


EMPI can assist with servicing companies with more innovative risk-sharing contracts, restructuring internal costs and integrating complex service offerings. Some of these offerings include –

– Realign pricing and risk-sharing to echo current conditions
– Seek more collaborative development/performance contracts
– Offer end-to-end and turnkey services contracts
– Restructure internal costs with flexible operating models and cost rationalization
– Outsource and offshore to minimize costs
– Offer integrated systems vs. components to capture more value
– Provide process and systems development to enhance customer value
– Shed marginal or incoherent businesses or products
– Acquire businesses and products to fill in integrated offerings
– Exit markets and geographies that are subscale or poor performers

With much greater diligence about key strategic facets of business, including portfolio rationalization, innovative contracting and pricing, delivering greater efficiency and a wider range of services, and managing costs with a keen eye on margins, EMPI can contribute to firms protecting themselves well enough from any margin declines and emerge with sustainable growth.

Particular areas of expertise

  • Design and analysis of structures using steel, reinforced concrete, timber, blocks;
  • Civil engineering works in particular roads, pavements, water retaining structures, storm water drainage works;
  • Preparation of contract documents, site supervision and contract administration;
  • Project management, project development, planning and procurement;
  • Value engineering.


Our services range from research-related support in the planning stages to actual design and implementation of marketing and trading services.


For companies planning rollouts or dedicated business ventures in new regions, EMPI provides dedicated research enabling companies to make educated decisions regarding strategies. The results of our research enable you to increase efficiency and accelerate business processes.

Our research activities include:

  • Market research into the competitive environment, brand recognition and brand positioning capabilities
  • Assistance with introduction to banks and financial institutions
  • Locating and introduction to potential acquisition targets in specific countries
  • Reviewing supply chain and logistics issues, distribution channels and relevant participants
  • Legal frameworks
  • Consumer data and cultural realities, identifying specific do’s and don’ts of business processes and etiquette in relevant countries
  • Identifying and contacting relevant business networks
  • Technical specifications and compatibility research and reporting

Marketing and Strategy Services

To efficiently target appropriate regions, a customized marketing and strategy plan is vital. Often an approach that is perfectly suited to one region can be totally inefficient for another, for obvious and sometimes not-so-obvious reasons. In some regions it can be crucial to trade through a local representative, presenting the product as a local brand, whereas in other areas an international image will create a far greater impact. Market realities might also dictate that a company accustomed to being a leader in its home market will have to shift to a challenger approach in a different country.

These are only a few of the issues that can be encountered in a foreign endeavor, but there are many other factors that can determine the outcome of a foreign business undertaking. With years of experience and detailed knowledge of local business realities, EMPI can provide customized solutions to all marketing and strategy issues that arise.

Our marketing and strategy services include:

  • Design strategy for positioning and distributing your company’s products
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Branding and product positioning
  • New product/service development
  • Advertising strategy and media optimization
  • Negotiating competitive rates for campaigns with media and agencies
  • Customer service strategy
  • Sales and distribution channel strategy development
  • Defining and planning exit strategies
  • Sales representation
  • Design and development of print and online marketing material.

To formulate an efficient and cost effective sale and channel strategy, we engage in extensive research and analysis on the target market’s purchase process, use of various channels and its needs/problems and then design a solution that is comprehensive and customer centric.

Specialist Services

Technical Assistance, Planning, Management Support Services

EMPI offers a range of specialist services such as technical assistance, planning, and management support services across diverse industry sectors. Through procurement, coordination, outsourcing or sub-contracting EMPI offers the following specialized services:

  • Basic and detailed engineering assistance
  • Plant assembly, management and process engineering
  • Assistance in the field of civil engineering such as railway systems, etc.
  • Technical assistance in the oil and gas industry, basic engineering, detail engineering, plant assembly, plant processing engineering, and field engineering
  • Support services in connection with the production, maintenance and commercialization of electric power systems
  • Assistance regarding programs and software, for instance, for the execution of sales and customer service projects via call centers
  • Management and strategic services in general, including analyses and assistance on organizational structure, market and sales analysis, analysis of procedures and logistics, analyses of comparative costs
  • Product development and qualitative insight on buyer’s behavior
  • Debt collection services
  • Planning of real estate projects, and evaluation of available real estate and property valuation
  • Financial market analysis, market growth forecasts, and raw material forecasts
  • Availability studies on supplier’s materials in the machinery, technology, design and other related areas

Trading & Logistics

EMPI provides a range of Trading Support Services and Logistics for the industry of (building) hardware, construction materials, and heavy equipment, which we in certain instances offer through procurement, coordination, outsourcing or sub-contracting.

EMPI assists in providing end to end agile and lean logistics support to the clients. We clearly understand the requirements and constraints of the market place and then develop a strategy that will meets the requirements of both logistics system and customers. This requires integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling and packaging. Our specialist services will help you to reduce your operational costs, improve your customer service quality, and significantly increase the synchronization of activities throughout your supply chain.

EMPI offers both guidelines and hands-on management support services to deliver the results you want. Exclusive audit and cost benchmarking tools can identify opportunities to generate savings in your transportation and warehousing operations, supply chain management, freight transportation and logistics support services: EMPI can help you to substantially increase your profits with our third party logistics and business services.

The following are some of the popular Trade Support Services packages we offer that are specially designed to meet the needs and resources of your business. Within these packages there are a number of alternatives which can be chosen.

  1. Basic Trade Intermediary Services Package:
    EMPI acts as an import/export agent by matching buyers and sellers from various parts of the world, with a special focus on Latin America and South East Asia. EMPI can therefore either buy (or source) products from manufacturers and send them to retailers and wholesalers overseas on your behalf. This package makes your services/products immediately available to your customers and serves as a “stepping stone” when dealing with foreign manufacturers and/or service representatives from mainly emerging markets.
  2. Basic Trade Intermediary Services Package enhanced with Market Research:
    Our trade intermediary services market research will appear to be a vital resource to your business, especially when operating within the import and export industry. With our thorough investigative market research reports, our clients can pursue ever-greater value from their operations. We will help you establishing trade relations, key contacts and determine the demand for goods/products in a particular area or region. Our market research report serves you when developing your business plan, or is used to “kick-start” your company’s existing strategy to bring new insight into potential markets of office locations and industries.
  3. Augmented Trade Intermediary Services: 
    In order to expand and/or establish your companies import/export arm you will need appropriate information and knowledge. Our augmented services package assist you with identifying cost-saving programs, investigate market potential, and other important considerations when choosing business premises/location, such as what equipment you will need, what to consider when it comes to costs of stock, how to effectively operate the business itself and the tax and legal issues you should be aware of when dealing with any or all of the above.


EMPI offers trade finance and long term operational financing options in selected markets, ideal for private-public ventures, infrastructure and/or real estate projects.